The top ten most useful android apps are very useful for android users around the world. Whether you currently own an android phone or have just bought one, finding a good android phone is the best way for you to benefit from your phone. Smartphones from android have managed to attract millions of clients around the globe. Individuals who are not able to afford an iPhone find android phones more likely to acquire.


top ten most useful android apps

Here are top ten most useful android apps:

1. Ready

This is a contact list and dialer application that helps beautify and bring life to an app with calling being the most crucial function of a phone. Even though stock dialers used in original equipment manufacturers (OEM) are okay to use, the ready application takes things a notch higher. This is because it displays the call history as the phone continues to ring, there are shortcuts for phone contacts after ending a call and the images are beautiful and big. The app emulates a Rolodex-like design, and the big pictures makes it easier to navigate and search for contacts.

2. Google Slides

This app makes it easier to collaborate, edit and create presentations and is free to install on your tablet or android phone. One can edit and open PowerPoint files anywhere and anytime even with no internet connection with the help of the offline mode. Similar to sheets and documents everything used in slides is saved as you continue to type. This ensures that no data or information is lost. This app is also free to acquire.

3. Lumosity

The Lumosity app assists people to train their attention and memory by use of tiny and helpful games. It is usually hard to keep your attention focused or remember things and this is when the app proves beneficial. Even though the app is free, there is a sub-fee associated with it through the IAP. There are also games that aid in solving problems and others that target specific parts of the brain that you intend to strengthen.

4. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

This app boasts an individual’s ability to wake up feeling more refreshed through monitoring of movements and sleep patterns as one sleeps. It will also wake you up within the time range that you set the alarm. The app costs 1.99 dollars and is worth the money.

5. Nike+ FuelBand

This app was only compatible with IOS, which turned off numerous potential clients as they instead use android apps. Now the app has been made available. The app can be used to count steps and calories and measure them throughout the interface of the app. You can even use it to compare them against others for a friendly and healthy competition. The Nike+FuelBand app is free.

6. The Z Launcher

Home launchers are continuous in the customization world of android gadgets. However, recently there are numerous choices to select from making it difficult to choose the best one. Nokia has come up with a trial version of their launcher for android gadgets known as the Z Launcher. The app has the ability to change the style from day to night in order to meet one specific need in that time range. It also provides fast access to things that one needs most.

7. Oyster- Read Unlimited Books

This is an ideal app for people who love reading. This is because it provides you with numerous books anytime you need them. It is similar to Netflix and has a monthly subscription fee in order to get access to numerous books on your tablet or smartphone. There are way over 500,000 books available in this app increases the chances of finding what you want.

8. Echo Notification Lockscreen

It helps manage notifications by placing them where it is easier to find them and that is the lock-screen. This app enables you to view all notifications not only those with available plugins for. There is easy categorization and additions in a clean and nice format for ease of access. Everything is sorted automatically, though you can tailor-make it to suit your preference. This application is also free.

9. Android L Keyboard

It is a third-party keyboard application that will place the Google keyboard from the preview of the Android L developer on your smartphone. This app is similar to the one on the preview, has no bloat or ads, is free and contains new material for design styling. This app is not inbuilt in the system hence the requirement to root for it to function. Read more, Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000

10. Copy Bubble

This app is beneficial to individuals who wish to copy and paste while using their tablet or android phone. As one copies numerous text pieces from varying web pages, the copied items on the bubble continue to increase. The last copied item is usually kept on the clipboard. The app can also be used for copying images. Link


Install the top ten most useful android apps for you to enjoy your android phone.

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