How to Clean Memory Foam Sandals of 2021

Memory foam sandals or the usual sandals are the simplest forms of footwear, and they are an excellent choice for the summer. The variety of the footwear is comfortable to wear, available at cheap price, and extremely flexible. The sandals can become dirty quicker and build up dirt, grime, odor, sweat, etc. You should clean the memory foam sandals in the proper way to keep them sanitized and in the right shape.

In this guide, we will demonstrate how to clean memory foam sandals easily. You will not require to put a lot of time and effort into cleaning the shoes. We will discuss several ways of cleaning the footwear below.


How to Clean Memory Foam Sandals in the Washing Machine

How to Clean Memory Foam Sandals in the Washing Machine

One of the notable things about memory foam sandals is they can easily mold at the shape of your feet for ensuring extra comfort. However, as the shoes can easily get affected by dirt, grimes, and other stuff, you should know the correct cleaning procedure. The safest way of cleaning the shoes is by using a washing machine. Check out the step by step guide from below:


Put the slippers inside the washing machine and then add adequate laundry detergent. Now turn on the device by setting the temperature of the water to cold. Also, don’t forget to set the agitation to low or gentle mode.


Now, wait for the machine to do its work. Turn on the device when it is done the cleaning cycle. After that, remove the sandals from the washing machine.


Now leave the sandals in an open place or under the sun to dry them. This step is essential, and so don’t think of skipping it. You may also use a dryer to dry the sandals on low heat quickly.

It is the easiest procedure to clean the how to clean memory foam sandals with minimal effort. You may also add a 1/4 cup of vinegar with the detergent to remove the odor.

Other Ways of Cleaning Memory Foam Sandals

Removing Dry Dust or Mud from the Sandal

If the sandals are covered with dry mud or dirt, then you can use a bristled brush to get rid of the substances from it. Scrub both the top and the tread of the shoe and then rinse with fresh water. You can also add some soap or detergent while scrubbing for a better cleanse. After doing so, you should end up with a clean and fresh sandal.

Thorough Cleaning the Sandal

You can offer a little bit of thorough cleaning to the sandal with the household kitchen ingredient, baking soda. Baking soda arrives with high cleaning power and doesn’t cause any damage to the surface. Add an equal part of water and baking soda in a container to create a paste. Then scrub the dough on the sandal to remove the dust, dirt, and odor. Use fresh water to wash off the excess solution and remove residue from the shoe.

Cleaning Leather Sandals

If you have leather sandals, you may try cleaning the footwear with vinegar and water for a better result. At first, create a solution with an equal part of distilled white vinegar and water. Then soak a sponge in the solution and scrub the entire exterior of the shoe. Rinse off the excess solution with water. Dry the sandals properly before using them.

How to Remove Odors from Sandals

Shoe odors are something that most of you cannot tolerate in any situation. There are some easy ways of resisting the production of the smell on the sandal. Check them out from below:

  1. If you have bed smelling sandals, then you can use this trick – absorb some baking soda or baby powder on the sandal and leave it for a while. These ingredients will absorb the odor and moisture from the shoes.
  2. If you are not wearing the sandals, then stuff it with newspaper. It will also help to resist moisture and odor. Just remove the newspaper when you want to use them and recycle them. Make sure to stuff fresh papers while stuffing again.
  3. The sandals get a lot of moisture every time you wear it. It can be caused by sweaty feet, water, rain, mud, etc. As we said earlier, humidity can make your sandals smelly. So, try to dry the sandals completely before re-wearing. One thing you can do is to have two pairs of shoes for using alternatively.


how to clean memory foam sandals are an excellent choice for all seasons for a relaxing and flexible wearing experience. You can keep the sandals looks better and in good shape for a long time by cleaning them properly. Hope the above guides will assist you to easily wash off the memory foam sandals without putting in a lot of effort.

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