How Long Are Potatoes Good For?

In many kitchens, potatoes are amongst the ones that can be frequently seen as thy can be used in preparing various dishes.

They can be eaten on their own or they can be mixed with different recipes. However, it would be best to use them only when they are fresh.

If you are wondering how long are potatoes good for, keep on reading the rest of this post and we’ll be sharing some valuable insights that you should learn.

How Long Are Potatoes Good For? And How To Keep It Fresh Longer

Aside from knowing the shelf life of potatoes, we’ll also give you some tips on its proper storage, which will be instrumental in making sure that you can keep it fresh even after some time.

How Long Can You Keep Potatoes

There is no universal answer to the question how long potatoes are good for. If there is one thing that you should know, it would be the fact that there are different factors that will affect the answer.

For instance, the type of the potato, how it is stored, and the temperature at which it is kept are just some of the variables that will cause differences in the answer.

First, let us look at their lifespan based on their type given that they are stored in the pantry. In the case of russet, sweet, and white potatoes, if they are stored in the pantry, their shelf life will be approximately three to five months.

On the other hand, for fingerlings, red, and Yukon gold potatoes, if they are kept in the pantry, they will be good for two to three weeks.

Meanwhile, if they are kept in the refrigerator, russet and white potatoes will last for three to four months. For fingerlings, sweet, red, and Yukon gold potatoes, if they are in the fridge, their shelf life will be two to three months.

Keep in mind that to achieve such, it is important to maintain the right temperature, which will prevent easy spoilage.

Proper Storage of Potatoes

To ensure the longevity of potatoes, and so that they will stay fresh for several weeks or months, it is important to be conscious about how they are stored.

If they are stored in the wrong way, you will most probably end up with spoiled and useless spuds.

Among others, follow the steps that will be mentioned below:

Step 1

  • ​Start by sorting out the potatoes.
  • Remove those that already have visible signs of damage.
  • If they are spoiled, this can affect the quality of other potatoes.

Step 2

  • Keep the potatoes in a place that is cool and dark.
  • If it is not kept in the fridge, you can keep them inside mesh bags as it is important that they are well-ventilated.
  • It is not recommended to store the fresh and undamaged potatoes in containers with an airtight seal.

Step 3

  • When it comes to the right temperature, the best would be 45 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • If the temperature is humid or warm, there is a tendency that they will easily go bad.

Step 4

  • Freezing potatoes is not recommended.
  • If you want to keep them for a longer period, it would be best to put them in the fridge, but never in the freezer.

Tips to Make Potatoes Last Longer

Aside from following the steps that have been mentioned above, here are other things that can be helpful to make sure that your potatoes will last longer and will not be easily prone to spoilage:

  • Do not wash them before they are stored. Washing will lead into the presence of moisture, which is one thing that will lessen their storage life and will increase the possibility of rotting.
  • Keep potatoes away from fruits, especially bananas, apples, and pears. This will expose it to a gas that will speed up ripening, and hence, will spoil quicker.
  • Keep it away from light. Exposure to light will most probably make it green and will lead into a bitter taste.


By now, we hope that you are not at all left wondering on how long are potatoes good for. To recap, here are some of the most important points that have been raised earlier:

  • The shelf life of potatoes will depend on the specific type and the manner of storage. If they are in the fridge, they will last longer.
  • When storing potatoes, make sure that they are kept away from light and will not be near fruits.
  • Storing potatoes in a mesh bag will be good. This will provide the ventilation that is needed so that they will not rot easily.

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