How A Door Lock Works And Types of Door Locks?

How A Door Lock Works And Types of Door Locks? Previously, cavemen did not attach much importance to your safety. The first lock was made in Egypt 3000 years BC from this time, the locks were forged from various materials.

The best moment of the lock dates from the Renaissance. The lock is a locking mechanism that can only be opened with a key or a corresponding combination. Locks are usually attached to doors, windows, safes, vehicles, etc.

For an added precaution, it is important to have an effective blocking system, which can significantly slow down criminals. Now there are some awesome technologies like door jammers.

How A Door Lock Works And Types of Door Locks

One of the harmless things we do in everyday life is close the door. The lock consists of several elements, each of which has different characteristics. Several steps are taken into account to lock and unlock a lock.

By pressing the pins to energize, the springs allow you to reserve a place for the key. The movement made by the wrench pushes the pins down the tubes, lifting the pins, which subsequently compress the springs.

Each pin on the counter corresponds to the notches on the key, corresponding to the lock. It is at the moment the key is inserted into the lock that the mechanism is perfectly configured. This means that the tops of the meter pins are aligned properly.

Thanks to this locking operation, a key that does not correspond to the lock cannot allow the door to be unlocked. Each of them is different and presents peculiarities.

Locking mechanism with cylinder and pins. When the key is inserted into the lock, the lock compresses the springs lifting the pins, which pushes the punches into the upper compartments of the cylinder.

When the appropriate key is inserted into the lock, the lower and upper pins align to form the cut line.

When all the pins and all the punches are aligned to establish the break line, the key can be turned. When the key is not in the lock, the pins rest in the cylinder, the bottom pin in the key compartment, and the top of the pin rests in the lower half due to the slight pressure exerted by the relaxed spring.

An inappropriate key result in misalignment of one or more spring-loaded lock cylinders, preventing the key from turning by placing at least one pin and punch in the cut line.

Side Locking Bar Mechanism

The patented locking sidebar technology is a recent innovation from Weiser. It is an improvement over the traditional cylinder and pin locking mechanism, which is vulnerable to locking hit attempts. Knocking is an increasingly common theft technique that involves inserting a specially cut knock key into the lock, which is opened by striking the key in a certain way.

Weiser deadbolts and SmartKey locks feature a patented side lock bar, which also helps to reset SmartKey quickly and easily.

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SmartKey also has two steel balls inserted into the cylinder face to improve puncture resistance.

SmartKey deadbolts and locks provide exceptional strength and protection and exceed the most stringent standards against stinging.

Most doors are normally drilled specifically for the installation of tubular locks. They are mainly used for interior doors of bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, and closets.

Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks work by using one or more metal parts (slots, levers, or latches) that fall into a slot in the bolt and immobilize it. Most mechanical locks open with keys.

The serrations on the keys that lift the metal parts allow the latch to slide out. Most locks are mechanical locks.

Twist lock

We will talk about the lock of Feuillet. Most locks are equipped with handles. This type of lock is called a slide lock.

It consists of a perforated part with a square hole. It is in this hole that the handle is fixed. It is thanks to this handle installed on the door, that we managed to open the door, after having closed it. The lock is equipped with a cylinder used to insert a key. In this case, the handle is placed above the cylinder. For this type of installation, the lock is fixed normally.

Subsequently, the handle is placed in the predestined hole. But we must know that not all locks are equipped with a whip.

The whip is often chosen for the comfort it offers. Locking doors and unlocking doors are often asked for. They are much more like interior doors. The locking latch is both aesthetic and practical. This is the reason why many people prefer to place it on a front door, such as a bedroom door, bathroom door, etc.

They are much cheaper. You can find them in all specialized areas. If you want to know more, it is crucial to find out with a professional in the field.

Electric Lock

The electric lock is a type of lock that works with electric current. The particularity of this lock is that it is tamper-proof because it is made of steel and it is not necessary to use it with a key either.

The electric lock has an electrical system that allows it to be locked and unlocked. The lock can be remotely operated from the handle or it can be installed on a handle. It is suitable for the entrance door of buildings, also for hotel room doors, as well as for doors and wickets, also for car doors.

Electric Lock Operation

A locksmith intervenes for the installation of an electric lock every day of the week.

The electric lock can work directly on the handle or it can be activated away from the handle. Its operation varies according to the models, for example:

For a building door, you can use an electronic keypad or even a digital code

As for the door or doors, remote control can be adapted.

And for the other doors, a magnetic chip or code card may be suitable.

It is possible to configure an electrical lock from the software or connect it directly to a control box. Attaching a surveillance camera to an electric lock optimizes security.

 Advantages of The Electric Lock

  • It cannot be activated without a code or magnetic card.
  • The lock maintains the memory of burglary attempts.
  • It is very practical and easy to use.
  • Instant opening.
  • It is easy to operate.

Disadvantages of The Electric Lock

The only known drawback here is that in the event of an electrical circuit failure, the lock stops working. At this time, the room is no longer immune to theft. The remote control system can also be hacked, which can weaken the operation of the lock. But to overcome this drawback, there are options to avoid possible interruptions of the electrical current.

To Close

The lock is already part of the daily life of the human being. Personal and property security is very important for the common people, and the life of each one is related to one or many locks. Knowing that there are different types, the basic principle is the same. We will not recommend any in particular, as each type has its advantages and strengths, and must be adapted to the user’s needs.

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