Best Neck Traction Devices at Home [Updated for 2021]

Neck stiffness is common in today’s life. The primary cause is the wrong posture, particularly when working on a computer for long hours. Neck tension is a result of long hours of table work. Visiting a therapist every day might be expensive. However, purchasing Best Neck Traction Devices at Home is the best option. It will allow one to relieve neck pain at no cost. Also, with Best Neck Traction Devices at Home, you can use at you own preferred time, unlike professional therapist where you are limited with time. Besides cost, Best Neck Traction Devices at Home allow one to undergo effective therapy provided you know how to do it well.  A stiff neck can spoil a day for you and makes the night full of nightmares. Once you feel the pain, relieve it as soon as possible otherwise it will worsen.

Main causes of Neck Tension

  • Too much table work.
  • Bad sleeping habits. The pillow you use and the way you sleep affect the neck pasture. At all costs, you should avoid firm pillows.
  • Accidents. It can cause dislocation of neck joints and bones. Accidents might occur as a result of horse riding, sudden falls, and road accidents.
  • Jerks especially during vigorous activity.
  • Whiplash. This is a situation where the head is suddenly thrown backward and forward causing spasms in the neck muscles.
  • Medical conditions such as those of arthritis.

Best Neck Traction Devices at Home

Sometimes people take neck pains as a normal thing, but they end up spending lots of money while undergoing treatment. It is always advisable to prepare early by investing in the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home. For every family, each should be trained on how to use the neck traction devices.  Regardless of whether they are performing for themselves or other family members, follow the appropriate procedure otherwise they will worsen the neck condition. Here are the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home in 2021 Reviews.

Comfortable Cervical Neck Traction Device – Inflatable & Adjustable Collar Brace – Chronic & Acute Pain Relief at Home Therapy – Neck Stretcher for Men & Women

Comfortable Cervical Neck Traction Device


Comfortable Cervical Neck Traction Device at Home is most recommendable for use to relieve Cervical Traction. The quality of the neck traction device translates to greater performance. For this reason, Roscoe Medical Store emphasizes the quality of its devices. They never compromise on anything besides giving the best. For this reason, this support device is made of Grade A materials to provide exceptional service to all patients. Uniquely designed to provide effective relaxation.  Keeping the neck in the most comfortable position have many benefits to the whole body. Besides healing, it protects from further injuries. Also, corrects the body posture. Easy to use. During the actual performance, all you need is to inflate the device with the right amount of air. You deflate for easy storage.

POSTURE PUMP® Dual Deluxe Full Spine (Model 4100-D)

POSTURE PUMP® Dual Deluxe Full Spine (Model 4100-D)


Do you wish to restore the posture of ligaments and muscles? Most neck traction devices only relieve pain. However, purchasing Dual Deluxe Full Spine Deluxe FULL SPINE Posture Pump encourages joint development and disc lubrication. Its design includes a rocking mechanism necessary for pelvic and abdominal and pelvic muscles exercise. On the other hand, elliptical inflation stretches the spine. One size is suitable for all patients suffering from stiff neck including all people with a torso up length of 38 inches. It easily folds for easy traveling. Wellspring provides one year warranty that covers only the spare parts and the labor. Offers maximum comfort. Instead of straining, the patients will enjoy the process. As a result, they get healed.

Posture Pump® 1400-D (Dual Disc Hydrator®)

Posture Pump® 1400-D (Dual Disc Hydrator®)

Technology in healthcare is growing very fast. As a result, Posture Pump manufacturing adopts modern dual air cell technology during their manufacture to ensure maximum comfort. Exclusive angled air cells shape the neck and upper back. Subsequently, the pain disappears, and the body posture is restored. It is only with this Best Neck Traction Devices at Home that could be able access Expanding Ellipsoidal Decompression technology. Versatility is another good side of this device. Delivers excellent results for people of all ages and varying conditions. Beyond pain reliever, improves range of neck motions.

Pinched Nerve Neck Stretcher Cervical Traction Device for Home Pain Treatment

Are you puzzling about the sleepless night that is a result of a stiff neck? If yes, then it is high time that makes a decision and goes for K’smarts Pinched Nerve Neck Stretcher Device. It comes to the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home because it is portable and easy to use. The user can adjust the inflation pressure as per the traction you desire. Instead of costly physical therapy and chiropractor treatments, just try this neck traction device, and it will give you the same treatment. Easy to use, simply slip the device around the neck and inflate to your comfort. In a short while, you will feel the muscle relax and posture restored. Another aspect of why you consider this device is the fact that you can carry it to use it pretty anywhere.

DMI Cervical Neck Traction Over the Door Device for Physical Therapy Helps Neck Pain, Arthritis, Disc Bulges and Minor Fractions of the Spine with 20 Pound Graduated Scale

DMI Cervical Neck Traction Over the Door Device for Physical Therapy


For anyone who is looking for a neck traction device that is easy to use, DMI Cervical Neck Traction Over the Door Device for Physical Therapy is such a device. You hang over the door for an easy traction process. Most of the time it is used for physical cervical therapy. The user requires no tools during its assembling. The package includes a vinyl weight bag with a scale graduated up to 20 pounds. Also, the foam head halter is available among other components. Well, the halter is compatible with most headstall, therefore, most versatile and good for daily use.

DMI Replacement Foam Padded Head Halter for Home Over-The-Door Cervical Traction Sets to Relieve Neck Pain, White


DMI is happy to present to you the Home Over-the-Door Cervical Traction device. It relieves neck and cervical pain. Give a flexible fit with loop and hook adjustment. Fits almost all adults. It heals not only neck pain but also all health condition related to the neck region. To achieve great results, follow instructions from a professional health practitioner. It is the most convenient way to relieve pain while at home. Your choice when it comes to traction devices determines a lot about the service you will get. You do not have to own a huge amount for you to own this device.

Over Door Traction Unit with Water Bag

Over Door Traction Unit with Water Bag

This Best Neck Traction Devices at Home is worth try using it. A good traction device should function as expected. Understanding this, Alex Orthopedic has sometimes spent to research how they can improve their products. Consequently, they are happy to present to its customers Alex Orthopedic Over Door Traction Unit. It is all you need for home therapy and comes with a water bag to balance the neck weight. The water bag the company provides is strong and secure. Most users find the neck traction device easy to use and assemble. On the other hand, the dual Velcro headgear, one on the chin and the other behind the head makes it easy to adjust.

Types and How to Use the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home

There is no shortcut other than following the right procedures if you desire effective neck traction. Because you intend to use it at home, go for the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home to make your neck traction simple. Neck traction devices differ based on how they are powered. For this reason, the way to use them vary. Below is a vivid description of how to use each traction device.

  • Pneumatic cervical traction device

They are the most comfortable neck traction devices predominantly when using them at home. It helps in keeping muscles aligned and restore the natural curve of the neck. When air is pumped in, the pillow will expand therefore raising the head upwards. This action offer support to cervical curves. It also preserves the even distribution of neck discs.

  • Door Unit

As the name suggests, all you have to do is hang the unit in the door so as stretch soft tissues and muscles. Work by reducing joint spaces, therefore, reducing the pressure within neck area. It includes a hook, cord, and pulley system.

  • Neck traction Towel technique

All you require is a towel and a rope. Tie the rope to the corner of the towel. Also, loop the rope to a hook. The other end you tie to the corner of the towel. Gently rest your head in the sling of the towel.

Buyer’s Guide

Neck traction refers to mild stretching of neck muscles. This action creates space between the joints and disks. Furthermore, it helps relieve the strains and the spasms within the neck muscles. It liberates nerves strained by compressed vertebrae. For best results, always go for the Best Neck Traction Devices at Home. They are quite many of such device in the market.


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